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Since 1947 CONFAPI stands for development of Small and Medium Industries (SMEs) which represent the core of Italian economic and industrial system. The Confederation acts on behalf of Italian SMEs, safeguarding their interests and promoting at political level actions aimed at national and international development of associated industries.
According to its primary mission, it maintains a constant dialogue with governmental Institutions and social Associations in order to propose appropriate laws and economic measures. It also implements initiatives and programs aimed at promoting the Italian economic development in cooperation with national and European institutions. It negotiates and stipulates collective labour agreements with national Trade Unions. CONFAPI is able to offer to associated industries a wide range of services in the field of international and European affairs: lobbying at European political level; research of business opportunities at national and European level; participation at European projects with other international associations and SMEs. CONFAPI is also member of CEA-PME (European Confederation of Small and Medium Industries), located in Bruxelles and including 13 SMEs National Associations which represent 600.000 industries and 14,5 million employees.


Founded in 1952, CEI-Bois is the European Confederation of the Woodworking Industries; it is a non-profit-making Organisation, legally registered as an AISBL under the Belgian law.
The Umbrella Confederation is based in Brussels and numbers 18 National Organisations, 4 European Sector Federations as well as 1 Private Industrial Group.

CEI-Bois mission is to:
-    Promote the Sector visibility
-    Represent and safeguard the European Woodworking Industries interests
-    Drive the message highlighting that the European Woodworking Industry is the most sustainable industrial sector in Europe

CEI-Bois work is disciplined by an Advocacy Plan divided in 6 Topical Areas and relies on the dynamism of 5 Working Groups and 3 Task Forces that lead variable-term initiatives on the more relevant sector dossiers, in the areas of:
-    Sustainability
-    Construction
-    Social Affairs
-    Research & Development
-    Trade


The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) established in 1895 is the leading employers’ organization in Bulgaria with more than 50 000 members. It is an independent, not-for-profit NGO whose mission is to support and protect the business interests of its members as well as to encourage the development of international economic cooperation. BCCI is an autonomous and self-financing organization with voluntary membership striving to establish a more favourable business environment by promotion and support of entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives. The Chamber is also a member of the worldwide network of chambers of commerce along with various international organizations, joint-chambers and business councils.

Contact person:
Mrs. Beata Papazova - Project Manager
Adviser European Integration and Projects at BCCI
Address: 9 Iskar Str, Sofia 1058, Bulgaria
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel.: +359 2 8117 437


Podkrepa CL is recognized social partner at national level in Bulgaria. Established on February the 8th 1989, Podkrepa CL it is a voluntary umbrella association of 25 industry-based federations, 35 regional structures and 1 associated member, organized both in territorial and in sectoral terms. Podkrepa CL is first democratic Trade Union structure in Bulgaria, as such plays decisive role in Bulgaria transition towards pluralism, market economy, EU membership and develops as independent structure, representing working People, but not involved with any political power or governmental institutions.
Speaking in an authentic manner with the voice of Bulgarian working people, Podkrepa CL is campaigning for freedom, respect of human rights and dignity, decent work and social justice. Podkrepa CL is entitled with a number of specific powers and functions, in the line with different legal provisions, based on the national or international agreements, biding for Bulgaria: namely on the field on the Collective labour negotiation, workers’ information and consultation, the access to professional training, the career advancement, work’s quality and dignity.

Main Podkrepa CL priorities are the improvement of living standards and working conditions, based on solidarity, partnership and on a pro-active protection of workers’ interests. Basic Podkrepa CL objectives are:
– to guarantee the full respect of labour and human rights
– active participating in social dialogue at all levels;
– to protect health and material, public and cultural interests of its members and their families;
– to promote full equality between genders in realizing their labour rights;
– consulting and training in the areas of labour relations, social security, working conditions;
– to develop the Trade Union cooperation and inter action.

Podkrepa CL as a national representative Trade Union with members from all both categories of workers „blue“ and „white“, as well has members for specific vulnerable groups (youngsters, women, disabled etc.). Podkrepa CL members are more than 150'000 (from all of economic sectors and territorial regions in Bulgaria), structured in 35 regional and 25 sectoral organizations. According to the Labour Law in Bulgaria each national representative Trade Union should be involved to resolve problems of all working people in the country and to improve their wellbeing, thus the Confederation might be seen as an indirect representative of about the 3'000'000 employed person in Bulgaria.

The Study Center of the Chambers of Commerce Guglielmo Tagliacarne srl was born in 2019 from the experience and tradition of the Guglielmo Tagliacarne Institute, foundation of the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce which since 1986 has promoted - through research, statistical analysis and training - the economic culture in our country.

From the need to combine in a single body: the ability to produce original data and indicators, the study of business dynamics, the identification of local development paths, trends in sectors and production chains, territorial economic accounting, Chamber system gave rise to the Study Center of the Guglielmo Tagliacarne srl Chambers of Commerce.

The Study Center inherits specific technical skills from the Guglielmo Tagliacarne Institute for the preparation of projects in response to calls for tenders for study activities, including in the context of programs directly managed by the European Commission.

The activities of the Study Center have their strong point in a peculiar capacity of knowledge and socio-economic analysis of the territories supported by an original and exclusive production of statistical data and the ability to promote and disseminate them.

From the tradition of the Guglielmo Tagliacarne Institute ", the new Study Center inherits the membership of the SISTAN National Statistical System, by reason of which it contributes to the production of official statistical information.


The AIMMP - Association of Industries of Wood and Furniture Portugal is an association of public utility, having as its object, in accordance with its Statute, "legally represent all the companies included in its membership level, including the conclusion of collective agreements work in defending and promoting the protection of corporate rights and vocational training.