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Rome - May 31st 2019

The first study visit foreseen by the training activity of the European Good Wood project took place in Rome on May 31st and saw the participation of all project partners.
The partners have visited the Ministry of the Environment and have had a fruitful meeting with representatives of Legambiente with a specific focus on the Forum of the bioeconomy of forests.
In addition, the partners had the precious opportunity to know Rilegno, the National Consortium for the collection, recovery and recycling of wooden packaging, which illustrated its activities and its commitment in various sectors:
- Prevention of waste production, with the aim of optimizing packaging performance, extending and improving the use of packaging;
- Collection, collecting waste from the public surface and from industrial and commercial sites;
- Recovery, extracting raw material from the collected volumes;
- Recycling and reuse, to promote the economy of manufactured articles obtained from the recycling of wood.


Porto - 18 October 2019

The second study visit foreseen by the project was held on 18 October with the partecipation of all project partners.
The partners have visited  the Waste valorization and Recovery Center of the University of Minho, located in Guimarães. 
The visit has been a precious occasion to know the good practices about circular  economy.

The Center (CRV) infact has developed several waste recoveries projects, and the focus of the study visit  has been on two of the projects that they are working at the moment, and that concern the wood industry:
- Waste recovery Center and appreciation of the wood residues
- Making of eco-products using wood residues and wood waste.

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